About Us

Family owned and operated since 1929, the Ehrlichs have dedicated their business to creating quality custom products and services to clients throughout Connecticut. Our on-site workroom allows our designers to be the “eyes and ears” of our clients as their orders are in production. Our custom services include: (residential and commercial) reupholstery, slipcovers, window treatments, flooring, furniture, interior design, auditorium seating, bedding, wall covering, and accessories.

Our Team

Joshua Ehrlich

Head of Commercial Sales

Suzanne Ehrlich

Office Manager
Head of Quality Assurance

Shannon Milikowski

Residential Designer

Jaiprakash Munna

Upholstery Foreman & Cutter

Julia Cardoso

Lead Sewer

Ehrlich Decorating & Upholstery LLC

3324 Main Street
Hartford, CT 06120